We believe the world is on the verge of a (cosmic) shift.

The past decades were dominated by fear, driven by media and amplified by people focusing on the negative. Generalizing groups and to divide, seemed to give people a false feeling of comfort.

A turning point in perception is upon us. We are entering a new era where positive goals unite people. The focus shifts from emphasizing on problems to looking for actual solutions. Our quest for a better world is fueled by hope and powered by ground breaking technologies. The new generations are willing to contribute to a better world and alter existing habits. We are entering a decentralized world where new economies rise and art, creativity, spirituality and freedom are considered to be more important than the spiraling focus on what’s negative. We feel the need to do something, truly put our minds together and discuss ideas, solutions.

Singularity is around the corner. Machine learning enables processes to be automated exponentially. For the past century, technology made our lives more comfortable but also used and abuse a lot of resources. In the next decades technology can actually help making the planet a better, sustainable place to live.

The Shift is a movement and will be an event where likeminded people share visions. A gathering where specialists of subjects like decentralized economies, medical break-troughs, smart power solutions, real innovation in transportation and climate change share knowledge on how technology will make our world a better place to live in.